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Klin.vip scam or legit? - Reviews

Economía y Negocios

12.03.2020 a las 20:47 hs 124 102014 0

Klin - Earn Bitcoin by completing PTC, Faucet, ShortLink, QA

Friends on this occasion, I present this magnificent website that is leaving me a lot of profit, its payments are in bitcoin and it is about performing tasks such as visiting web pages, passing short links, and a faucet system that recharges every minute.

Sign up here

It has a 20% referral system. The minimum withdrawal is BTC 0.00010000

Sign up here

It has a variety of short links with which you can earn from 10 to 60 satoshis for each one.

Variety of advertisers in the PTC section, with which you can earn 11 satoshis with each one.

The faucet recharges every 1 minute, and claims 6 satoshis.

And lastly the most important thing, I show you a capture of my retreats, I am going for my retreat number 6 and they all arrive in a couple of hours.

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